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Forest Road Construction

A properly located and constructed forest road is an essential first step to proper management of your forest lands.

Our construction costs average $12 per metre. Our costs range from $9 to $15 per metre depending on site circumstances. Finished roads have a 16 to 18 foot road surface with turning areas constructed at least every 300 metres, or as required.

Existing road rebuilds average $3 per metre across a wide range of conditions. This includes removal of brush/trees, water control reestablishment, and resurfacing.

We use in situ material (i.e. material dug on site) and our goal is to build all season roads, capable of supporting logging truck traffic in all weather conditions.

Costs include all cross culvert installations, but do not include large watercourse crossings that require more complicated solutions.

Dump trucks are almost never required, with road fill dug, moved, placed and compacted using a 20-tonne excavator. The excavator comes equipped with appropriate guarding for woods work, a hydraulic thumb, quick-change hydraulic tilt, and extreme duty digging buckets. Buckets have been modified for handling large amounts of brush and trees. Other attachments such as a hydraulic grapple and a root rake are also available for other projects.

Jobs prices are based on the customer’s preference:

  • By the meter
  • By the hour
  • One price for the whole job

For new road construction exceeding 500 metres, ABL provides completion of the road location free of charge. A well located road is less expensive to build and serves our clients better across a broader range of weather conditions.

Road ROWs for new construction should be cut between 60 – 75 feet wide, allowing room for the burrow pit method of construction. ABL also offers ROW cutting services if required.

ABL has a no charge floating policy for jobs exceeding $5,000.

For additional information and samples of our work, browse our photo galleries.

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