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Forest Operations Auditing

ABL Timber provides auditing services to provide real-time information to the forest land owner or land manager, supporting continuous improvement of operational effectiveness and efficiency. Audits can focus on whether forest operations are in compliance with regulations, procedures, standards, or best management practices; they may also address issues such as whether timber resources are being utilized to yield their highest value. In addition, audits are an excellent way to support needs-based training or retraining of ground staff and equipment operators. Contact us to discuss your project.

Forest Certification

ABL Timber has considerable experience navigating through all phases of certification implementation: from needs assessment to system selection, gap analysis, system implementation, and certification auditing and maintenance. ABL Timber focuses on helping the forest landowner to determine whether certification is their best option, and charting the best practical implementation steps should they choose to proceed. Contact us to discuss your project.

Forest Management Administration

ABL Timber provides its services to small woodlot owners, watershed managers and conservation groups in the context of a forest management plan. ABL Timber uses this tool to ensure that its services are deployed to meet the unique needs of the forest land owner or land manager. We have years of experience working with landowners with varied ranges of expectations. There are no additional management fees for this service. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Land Surveillance and Inspection

ABL Timber offers land surveillance and inspection services aimed at monitoring forest land for changes in forest health, the changing environmental impact of forest roads, and illegal activities such as dumping or trespass. A land owner or land manager may not have the time, resources or expertise to visit and inspect forest land on an appropriate regular time interval. ABL Timber can help. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Timber and Land Appraisals

ABL Timber provides appraisal services to determine woodlot value. A woodlot is constantly changing, as it is a living, growing entity. This factor, coupled with fluctuating market conditions for forest products, influences the value of the woodlot. Knowing the status of a woodlot in relation to these variables allows the landowner to make better decisions. Contact us to discuss your needs.


ABL Timber provides small-scale harvesting services tailored to the unique requirements of the small woodlot owner.  A functional woodlot can be managed to generate income and supply firewood over time while providing woodland space for the landowner to enjoy. Visit our photo galleries for more information and contact us to discuss your project.

Forwarding and Skidding

ABL Timber offers forwarding and skidding services with well-maintained equipment to complement a landowner’s harvesting operations. A forwarder is tailored to moving wood roadside from stand-level harvesting operations, while a skidder may be more suited to moving wood that has been selectively harvested. Visit our photo gallery for more information and contact us to discuss your project.

Boundary Line Location and Maintenance

ABL Timber provides a range of boundary line location, renewal and maintenance services using GPS technology to locate limited evidence on the ground. A well-maintained boundary line is like a good fence, and provides a measure of protection from trespassing harvesting operations on adjacent parcels of land. Failure to maintain boundary lines may result in having to engage a surveyor to establish the property line at some point in the future, at greater expense. The cost of maintaining boundary lines can be minimal, and the return is peace of mind. Contact us to discuss your project.

Tax and Inheritance Planning

ABL Timber recognizes the value of tax and inheritance planning in providing both current and intergenerational benefits through woodland management. ABL Timber has partnered with Grant Thornton to provide small woodlot owners with the opportunity to speak to a tax and estate planning specialist from Grant Thornton. Contact us to find out more.

Financial Assistance Programs

There are many assistance and funding programs offered to help woodlot owners optimize the value of their woodlots.  From tree planting and stand improvements to roads construction, ABL Timber can help woodlot owners access this funding.  There are no additional management fees for this service. Contact us to discuss your project.

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