Private Land Management Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I contacted?

Your woodlot and a number of other landowner’s woodlots within the county were identified through digital aerial photography as having the potential to benefit from this program.


Why should I get involved in this program?

A few reasons might be…

  • to obtain assistance in building a healthy woodlot that can provide both economic, recreational and biological benefits for myself and my children/heirs.
  • to provide better access to funding.
  • to control my woodlot classification as non-commercial, commercial or commercial farm woodlot, which can have tax benefits/implications.
  • to access professional advice and better markets for products.
  • to take advantage of intergenerational transfer rules if your transferring your woodlands to your children.


What are my obligations as a landowner?

The landowner has no obligation to maintain a working relationship with the program. At this time, there are no fees associated with becoming involved. It is anticipated that the funding and professional benefits of being involved with the PLMP will be sufficient to sustain strong and active participation.


Where does the money come from to support the different management activities?

Funding will be obtained through a number of sources which include but are not limited to…

  • Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation
  • Forest Nova Scotia
  • Association for Sustainable Forestry
  • ABL Timber Ltd


What are the steps to participating in the PLMP (Private Land Management Program) and getting work done on my woodlot?

  • complete and return the mail-in form on the back section of the trifold brochure
  • meet with a forest professional from ABL Timber Ltd at your woodlot to discuss objectives and determine if entering the program would be beneficial
  • sign the engagement form “Permission to Engage in Forest Management Activities”
  • review the resulting woodlot management plan
  • commence identified forest management activities


As a landowner at what level do I participate in the management of my woodlot?

The program accommodates a full range of engaged woodlot owners: from the woodlot owner who wants all activities to be completed on his behalf under the direction of a forest professional, to the landowner who wishes to complete all activities himself. The PLMP will find the correct service provider to meet the unique needs of the landowner. This method of involvement provides the landowner with the opportunity to receive payment for improvement activities he completes on his own land as long as he is able to meet the criteria. Hands on work, by the landowner, is encouraged (but not necessary) in this program.


Does the program support non-timber objectives?

The PLMP works collaboratively with the landowner in defining the overall objectives of the management plan. A plan can accommodate a range of values such as recreation, wildlife, conservation and social benefits. Objectives are based on the land owner’s desires, the state and structure of the woodlot, the array of management options and the availability of funding.


What type of harvesting techniques will be used on my woodlot?

A number of harvesting techniques are available that can be tailored to the specific species and age classes within a woodlot. Small scaled harvesting operations will be used unless landowner objectives and stand conditions dictate otherwise. Again, the landowner can do as much or as little of the actual harvesting work as he is able.